BTWIN REALLY INC. provides you a tour that you can feel like you live in Philippines by staying at a condominium, and you can see the air of Philippines.

Real estate is a big purchase, so we would like you to experience and see how you feel or how comfortable they are until you are satisfied.

Recommended pre-built residences

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    • BGC(Bonifacio Global City)

      Bonifacio Global City is the most modern city in Manila now. It had military facilities before, but they redeveloped the area recently, and it became the biggest city in Philippines. It is neo-futuristic, and defies your imagination of "Philippines". There are many condominiums and offices being constructed right now.

      Features of BGC→

    • Makati

      Along with BGC, Makati is a neo-futuristic big city as well. You can see lots of skyscrapers, and it's known as a business district. Also, there are many high-class residential areas. It is the safest city among the places foreigners live.

      Features of Makati→

    • Quezon City

      Quezon City is in the area called Metro Manila which is under development. There is less traffic then other big cities, and prices are low too, so it will be a popular city in the future.

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    • Ortigas

      People call this city "2nd Makati" as this is a business district as well. It will be developed quickly, so a lot of companies are getting offices or condominiums in Ortigas. Although prices are still low, many of world's mega banks and corporations are there.

      Features of Ortigas→

    • Alabang

      Alabang doesn't have many skyscrapers right now, but it is catching people's attention since it will be developed in the future for sure. The city is 15 - 20 minutes away from the airport, and it is clean and bright.

      Features of Alabang→