Learn the Philippines Real Estate

Why we recommend you real estate in Philippines

Until 1990th, Philippines was in economic stagnation, and it was the worst in ASEAN countries. However, now the country is growing rapidly in Southeast Asia, and its GDP growth rate is 6.8% now.

Now is the chance to buy them before the price increase!

Prices are low in Philippines, so you can purchase high-class condominiums at a very price compared to Japanese ones. Thanks to the low prices, it is easy to start a business there as well. Many foreign companies including Japanese companies, are expanding their business in Philippines, and there are many entrepreneurs gathered there. Also, the population in Philippines is growing very rapidly, so it is expected that more families will buy houses in the future, which means the property price will go up.

The capital areas such as Makati or BGC are especially very popular as the vacancy rate is only 4%, and the occupancy rate is about 90%, so you can expect a high yield.

4 benefits of the purchase of real estate

These are the reasons why you should get them.

1. Public security
2. Economic conditions
3. Convenient places
4. Demographic dividend

One of the important things when you buy real estate is public security. Makati and BGC are getting safer then before. You will not get involved in an incident unless you go out alone (especially a woman).
Also, the business is very good right now. It is convenient too as the airport is close, as well as you can have shopping malls, hospitals, and other facilities near you. Moreover, it is said that Philippines will have demographic dividend in 2062.

Demographic dividend occurs when the proportion of working people in the total population is high because this indicates that more people have the potential to be productive and contribute to growth of the economy.

If you are thinking about starting a business, purchasing property, or subletting them, now Philippines is in the best condition.