Features of Alabang

What is Alanbang?

Alabang is in Muntinlupa City, which is located in a southern direction from the airport. Streets in Alabang are wide, and there are not many skyscrapers.

But recently people started to build offices there, and gradually becoming a business district.

Alabang is a boom city, just like Kansai area in Japan. Its streetscape is beautiful, but still convenient too as there are some shopping malls.

Attractions of Alanag

Charm of Alabang

Alabang has lots of green, and the city is airy. You can watch nature from your office while you are working.
Sidewalks and street plants are beautifully arranged, and there are some cafes and restaurants that you can have a good break time. The city is peaceful, and you will feel that it’s very different from the typical Philippine atmosphere.

Ayala Alabang Village

There is a very famous high-class residential area called “Ayala Alabang Village” in Alabang. Ayala Alabang Village has lots of fancy mansions, and you need to get a permission from the residents to enter this area as there is strict security system. It is very safe and convenient for families too as there are shopping canter, prestigious school, banks, supermarkets, and Asian hospital with the latest facility.

Compered to Makati or other big cities, Alabang looks a bit slow and relaxing. So if you prefer those type of life, Alabang is probably a good choice. In the condominiums around the city, you can see many Japanese people living there. And it is obviously much safer than urban areas.