Features of BGC

The biggest business district in Philippines

You’ve probably heard of the word “BGC” if you are interested in Philippines.
What is “BGC”?
It stands for “Bonifacio Global City”, which is a name of the biggest business district in Philippines. It is currently under development, and there are many new buildings being constructed there.
Let’s look at the features of BGC.

Where is BGC?


BGC is a neo-futuristic city, which is just a little way from Ninoy Aquino International Airport.
There was an American military case before, and people developed the site to make this city. Since it’s close to the airport, you don’t get caught in traffic to get there.
Also, the city is still new and looks futuristic since they have started to develop there in 2012.

High-class hotels and condominiums are being constructed too.
Maybe you have a bad image that Philippines is dangerous, but BGC is pretty safe. Japanese people can live there without those stress.

Why we recommend the properties in BGC

BGC is the biggest business district. It is certain that prices will go up there. It’s just like Roppongi or Toranomon in Japan, but you can purchase 100 million yen-class properties for 10 million yen in BGC. Also, you can use the residences as a company dormitory. Lots of Japanese people are thinking about moving to Philippines too, so people purchase the real estate before they get expensive. Besides, real estate is an asset. You can make money by reselling them after the price increase. Philippines is at the peak of an economic growth today, and will be developed further, so we highly recommend you to consider getting them now.

Mckinley Hill, a new town block

There is a new town block called “Mckinley Hill” just by Bonifacio Global City.
There are many global offices, British Embassy, Korean Embassy, Embassy of the UAE, Chinese international school, international call center, and so on. The area has a square that looks like a streetscape of Venice, Italy, and there are high-grade and high-rise condominiums as well.