Features of Taguig

What is Taguig like?

Daguig is the area where Bonifefio Global City is located, which is the center of finance in the Philippines. Taguig City is very wide in the south of Muntinlupa, southwest of Parañaque, west of Pasai, northwest of Makati, north of Patros and Pasig. The areas that are at the center of economic development are all gathered in this Taguig. Of course there is a large area and there is also a local area etc. However, the place where land development will be advanced is this Taguig area.

Attractions of Taguig

Attractions of Taguig

In the redevelopment area, commercial areas such as office districts, shopping malls, hotels, condominiums and international schools are concentrated in this area. It is also very good with regard to security. It is also famous as a place where there is no problem even if the Japanese is walking alone. It is a place like Shinjuku in Japan to be redeveloped around Bonifecio Global City throughout this Tagigg area. All shopping and life can be done without going out of this tagig.

The safest city

The Taguig area has one of the most complete high street locations in the Philippines. There are works of art everywhere in the long park with lawns and walkways. This area is like Europe, with no gypney and bicycles. It’s a safe place to forget about being in the Philippines. Some people enjoy dog ​​walking and jogging in the morning. Fast street brand apparel shops and stylish cafes on High Street. Fashionable restaurants are lined up. As you climb High Street, there are huge shopping malls and market markets, and down there is the Burgos Circle, which is a high-end town. There is 1st Avenue etc.
There is no doubt that Taguig is the most attractive city in the Philippines.