About Seminar

We hold the real estate seminar together with BTWIN the inspection tour.

I think that some people that the person who is the anxiety … the first time real estate investment’s a foreign real estate.

To such people who, will be held in the Philippines real estate seminars, such as real estate information and yield.

Philippines is still developing. I think many of the even better to buy a condo for investment purposes?
In addition, because there are many price is also handy price of the property, or you Welcome also those who are for the first time real estate investment.
To such people, it does not fail if you buy what kind of property? How can I buy the kind of property?
It will be held in a free seminar to expertise from the basic knowledge of overseas real estate.
Besides, we are also planning such as real estate inspection tour that can be felt in the skin of the actual Philippines of air and culture.
Stayed in the cheap to actually purchase can be condos, you can get to the real experience the condo.