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About BTWIN’s agent

Philippines is in the high economic growth period now, and there is a big residential building boom there in recent years. BTWIN’s agent will provide you the latest information about your desired real estate in Philippines. We help to find good offices or condominiums for corporations and sole proprietors that are looking at overseas business,

About Agent

We conduct inspection tours and seminars

BTWIN’s agent conducts real-estate inspection tours and seminars so that you can understand them better.
We think it’s important for you to experience the energy of Philippines, and the comfort of condominiums in order to make the right purchase.
The mission of our agent is to present our customers the attraction of Philippines as mush as possible.

About Agent

Services of BTWIN’s agent

Consultation about real estate in Philippines and providing information are free.
We will also send a guide or picking up for your inspection tour if you need.

  • Real estate agent
  • Consultation about real estate in Philippines
  • Arrangement of inspection tours to the local business partners
  • Providing the latest information about Philippines
  • Procedure support for property purchase
  • Options services (depending on your request, prices will change)