Our services

BTWIN conducts seminars about asset management as well as consultations.
Depending on your purpose, we advise you about asset management, lease, or reselling the properties.
We will explain about them clearly to entry-level customers too, so you don’t need to worry even if you are thinking about purchasing real estate abroad for the first time.

There are lots of differences between Japanese laws and foreign laws, therefore the process could be complicated, but we can help you to understand the flow of purchase and management in the consultations.
Of course you can use the property as your living place, or a welfare facility too.
Besides, we help you to apply for a visa, open a bank account, as well as cash transfer.

About Us2

BTWIN REALTY INC is a specialist of real estate in Philippines.

We can propose safe, secure, trustworthy and proven real estate since we are affiliated with major developers.
You can purchase high-grade, executive condominiums at considerably lower rates than Japan.

That’s why real estate in Philippines is catching people’s attention from overseas including Japan.

However, it could be difficult to manage them if you purchase them at the wrong time or place.

BTWIN has an office in Philippines, and will provide you the latest and assured information so that you can make a right decision.
People purchase them for their asset management, second home, life after retirement, and so on.
There are various purposes depending on the customers, BTWIN will do our best to suggest you the most desired property to meet your expectation.

BTWIN REALTY INC is a specialist of real estate in Philippines.

BTWIN’s strength

If you search the Internet, you can get information about Philippines, like about their rapid economic growth, demographic bonus, and so on. But you’re probably worried if they are trustworthy, how far you can believe, or what the real Philippine atmosphere is like.

BTWIN conducts inspection tours so that you can actually experience them. To experience the life after you get the condominium, you can stay there as well. Interpreters and guides are also available, and you can see shopping malls, casinos, and night leisures with our cars and hired drivers.

Also, we conduct seminars to explain about asset management or investment so that you can clearly understand them. Besides, we will help you to apply for a visa, open a bank account, manage the property, and advertise for reselling if you need.

We will help you from every side even after you own the property.